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Training Course on Advanced Mapping and Spatial Analysis using QGIS

Course Overview

This course offers explores the advanced techniques and tools to enhance participants’ mapping skills and take full advantage of the capabilities of QGIS software. This course is designed for individuals who have a basic understanding of QGIS and are eager to expand their knowledge and proficiency in creating sophisticated and visually compelling maps.

Through hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and practical demonstrations, participants will delve into advanced cartographic techniques, data analysis, and spatial modeling. They will learn how to leverage QGIS plugins and scripting tools to automate workflows and create interactive and dynamic maps. Additionally, participants will explore advanced symbology, labeling, and map design principles to effectively communicate complex spatial information.

Course Duration

Online Training: 6 days

Classroom Training: 5 days

Course Outline

Module 1: Advanced Cartographic Techniques

  • Advanced symbology and styling options in QGIS
  • Creating thematic maps with graduated symbols and colors
  • Using advanced labeling techniques for improved map readability
  • Cartographic design principles and best practices

Module 2: Spatial Analysis and Modeling

  • Advanced spatial analysis techniques in QGIS
  • Exploring spatial statistics and hot spot analysis
  • Creating and interpreting interpolation surfaces
  • Introduction to spatial modeling and geoprocessing workflows

Module 3: Data Integration and Management

  • Advanced data management techniques in QGIS
  • Joining and relating attribute data from multiple sources
  • Spatial database connections and SQL queries in QGIS
  • Working with large datasets and optimizing performance

Module 4: Automation and Customization

  • Introduction to QGIS scripting and expressions
  • Creating custom functions and workflows with Python
  • Automating repetitive tasks using QGIS plugins
  • Developing interactive and dynamic maps with actions and HTML rendering

Module 5: Advanced Map Layout and Visualization

  • Advanced map layout design and composition techniques
  • Incorporating 3D visualization and terrain modeling
  • Creating animated and interactive maps
  • Exporting high-quality maps for various outputs and platforms

Note: This outline provides a general structure for a 5-day training program on Advanced Mapping using QGIS. The specific content, activities, and duration of each session may be adjusted based on the target audience, learning objectives, and available time.

Classroom Training Schedule

Start Date End Date Location Cost Apply
Aug 05, 2024 Aug 09, 2024 Nairobi $ 1000 Register
Sep 09, 2024 Sep 13, 2024 Nairobi $ 1000 Register
Oct 14, 2024 Oct 18, 2024 Nairobi $ 1000 Register
Nov 18, 2024 Nov 22, 2024 Nairobi $ 1000 Register

Virtual Training Schedule

Start Date End Date Location Cost Apply
Jul 15, 2024 Jul 20, 2024 Online $ 400 Register
Aug 19, 2024 Aug 24, 2024 Online $ 400 Register
Sep 23, 2024 Sep 28, 2024 Online $ 400 Register
Oct 28, 2024 Nov 02, 2024 Online $ 400 Register
Dec 02, 2024 Dec 07, 2024 Online $ 400 Register

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Course Language

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Training Approach

Our instructor-led trainings use well guided presentations, practical exercises, and group acivities. Participants are encouraged to bring any data relevant to their job responsibilities. Training manuals and additional reference materials are provided to the participants.


Upon completion of training, the participant will be issued with a certificate of Completion.

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