Study Mode

Classroom/In-Person Training

Our classroom delivery mode is designed to provide intensive training which allows our learners to fast-track their way to a work placement while experiencing everything the classroom has to offer. Some of the benefits of classroom training are:

Engagement and Focus

When attending an instructor-led training session in a classroom, you focus better on what is being taught. Compared to participating in an e-learning session there are fewer distractions.

Get help from your trainers in real time

In the classroom, trainers have the opportunity to observe and interact with you, which enables them to identify your strengths and learning style. This means that you’re more likely to get a learning experience that’s tailored to you.

Peer to peer learning

You will be able to share knowledge with your classmates, learning from each other and asking questions in a friendly, non-judgemental environment.

Building personal relationships

Seeing, talking and engaging with people in person helps to inspire us. It enables us to develop mutually supportive relationships, and you might even find that during your time learning in a classroom setting will help you to meet some like-minded people with whom you’ll be lifelong friends